COA Flexitank Certificate of Compliance

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The COA Flexitank Certificate of Compliance is part of the FQML (Flexitank Quality Management List)

FQML is a reference document for use by COA shipping lines as part of their risk assessment.

The list is compiled by the COA on receipt of quality audit reports and certificates submitted by the flexitank manufacturer. The list is updated periodically. It is available from COA web site.

The FQML includes, for each COA flexitank manufacturer, the status of quality audits that are required by the Code of Practice:

·       ISO 9001 quality management system

·       Installation, operating and training instruction manual

·       Material tests

·       Rail impact test.

The FQML records all flexitank manufacturing COA member companies. There are two categories:

Certificate of Compliance.

Issued to members that complete the four audits described in the Code (and paid annual membership fee).

Confirmation of Membership. 

Issued to all members to that paid the COA annual membership fee (but not completed all the required audits).

Flexitank manufactures are not permitted to indicate compliance with COA Code of Practice until a COA Certificate of Compliance is issued.